Audition Information

Tonight's the night for the Chorus auditions!

If you would like any further information, or are interested in being involved with the society elsewhere, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the "contact us" page. We look forward to seeing you there!!

We are looking for tap dancers for our fabulous dance ensemble, please contact [email protected] if you'd like to join us!

BOB WALLACE (late 20's to mid 30's) A major singing star, Bob is the guiding force behind the song and dance team of Wallace and Davis. He wears his fame easily and is a born leader, but has some trouble with social and romantic interactions. Despite his occasional gruffness, he is a deeply kind and principled man who is searching for his true love. A superb singer with a crooning style who moves very well. Baritone.  

PHIL DAVIS (late 20's to mid 30's) The fun-loving, go-getting song-and-dance partner of the team of Wallace and Davis. An irrepressible clown, operator and incorrigible ladies man who is determined to see his friend happy, even if it requires scheming and outright deception. He has a boyish charm and sex appeal. Strong jazz and tap-dancing needed. A song-and-dance comic performer. Bari-Tenor.  

BETTY HAYNES (mid to late 20's) The sensible, responsible half of the upcoming song-and-dance team, The Haynes Sisters. Destined to be a star in her own right, she is nonetheless hesitant to take the spotlight for herself. A woman of decent, upstanding principles, she is devoted to her younger sister. Like Bob, she hides her yearning for true love under a protective shell. A female singer of quiet beauty and charm with a rich chest mix sound and a soprano extension. Must move well.  

JUDY HAYNES (early 20's) The younger, more ambitious, slightly scheming Haynes sister. Wholesome and adorable, she is sexy and flirty, a winning charmer whom no man can resist. Strong jazz and tap dancing needed, a major song-and-dance performer. Chest Mix.

GENERAL HENRY WAVERLY (late 50's to mid 60's) A retired U.S. Army General, adjusting to returning to civilian life in post World War II America. Once a powerful leader, he now struggles to run an Inn in Vermont. He remains a man of great principle and dignity. Beneath his curmudgeonly military exterior lies a warm, compassionate man in need of family and love. With the exception of one line, a non-singing role.

MARTHA WATSON (late 40's to mid 60's) Once a Broadway star, now the general's housekeeper at the Inn, Martha has a very dry, wry, wisecracking sense of humour. Bighearted but completely unsentimental, she runs the General's life in spite of his protestations. She is an irrepressible meddler, but always for what she believes to be the other guys best interests. A winning, appealing character-comedienne with a clarion belt voice. 

SUSAN WAVERLY (9-12 years old to play 9 years old) The General's granddaughter, Susan is a lovable and outgoing real kid. She is very smart, wise beyond her years, and cares deeply about her grandfather. Once bitten hard by the showbiz bug, she demonstrates everything that is winning in the ultimate child performer. She must have an excellent belt voice, and be able to move well. 

RALPH SHELDRAKE (mid to late 30's) Army buddy of Bob and Phil's, now a major television executive with the Ed Sullivan Show. Fast-talking, New York professional. A Baritone. 

RITA AND RHODA (mid 20's to early 30's) Bob and Phils two star chorus girls, they are brash, sexy, funny although sometimes not the smartest.