Introducing the Cast

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The Cast has been chosen for our main show this year, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.


Joseph: Luke Clayton 

Narrator: Vanessa Rachel 

Pharaoh: Stephen A Clayton 

Potiphar: Brian Sumner 

Jacob: John O'Brien 

Butler: Thom Copestake 

Baker: Hel Lawrence 

Potiphar's wife: Alexandra Severn 



Levi: Michael Shneck 

Reuben: Andrew Lee

Dan: Staphen Clayton 

Naphtali: David Lee

Gad: Derek Swain

Asher: Thom Copestake 

Issachar: Katy Thomason-Stewart

Zebulun: David Lambert

Benjamin: Keisha Golden 

Judah: Gareth Trimble 

Simeon: Ivor Farley 


Rehearsals are underway and we're looking forward to a great audience. If you would like to purchase tickets please visit: Ticket Source